With over 50 years of experience in the kitting industry, we will make your vision a reality.

Sourcing, warehousing, manufacturing and distribution: we can manage the entire diagnostic kitting supply chain.

We’re trusted by CLIA-certified labs nationwide to understand their needs and perform to the highest standards.

Why GBF?

• ISO 13485 compliant
• Custom packaging and collateral
• ISO-7 Clean Room for specialized component storage
• Thermal chamber testing for climate-sensitive samples
• Component and finished goods inventory management
• Lot and expiration tracking
• Inbound/outbound freight savings
• API and portal-based ordering
• Customized reporting options
• DTC, B2B and distribution center shipping options

Our engineers develop, maintain and adapt our automation lines.

Our kit assembly production lines are regularly reconfigured to meet the needs of particular customers. Commitment to automation opportunities ensures we limit non-conformity and maximize efficiency for our customers.

We have the technology to produce every type of test kit.

Since the government mandated a drug-free workplace in the 1980s, GBF has adapted industry-leading technology, production and kit manufacturing capabilities to address the needs of our customers. We offer saliva, hair, blood alcohol, urine and forensic test kits in both standard and customizable configurations. 

Retail Opportunities

GBF has helped our client base launch numerous projects into big-box retailers. We know what it takes to ensure a successful deployment that will meet the rigorous standards, tight deadlines and ever-changing demands of a big retail opportunity.

How we take your kit from start to finish.

If you can design it, we can build it.

This is your kit and it should look and feel exactly like you want. We can create custom packaging and collateral to achieve your vision.

We are User Experience experts.

Our customer support team is always happy to provide insight and recommendations for everything from packaging, to order of contents, to serialization, to ship methods, and much more.

From the source to the end user, we track components and keep labs informed.

Demand planning, simplified.

GBF works closely with our customers to procure components and build to provided forecasts to ensure kits are ready when you need them. Once we have reliable consumption data, we can take over the forecasting for you.

We do reporting your way.

Our team of developers works tirelessly to ensure the data you need is provided accurately and delivered when you need it. 

We’re right-sized to respond to your needs.

Our facility and process are large enough to fulfill large orders. Our nimble corporate culture puts a premium on adapting fast to changing circumstances.

Before we talk, we listen.

Every one of our customers needs something unique. The best way to deliver is to start with careful listening.

Our customer service team is trained to treat every client with the individualized attention they deserve.